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Lessons at your speed

Weather the lessons are for you or your child, each lesson is centered around my students current level and progressing them to the next level of playing. This way the lessons are wholly based around your musical goals.


If you want your child to learn a new hobby or if you want to explore your own musical passion, lets work together so that your home will be filled with music.

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Musical Foundations

Music Making

Making music is what musicians do, so I want my students to be able to play something they enjoy as soon  as possible. I can arrange music to adapt to whatever skill level needed, so we can hear good music while developing good technique along the way.

Music reading

Reading sheet music is an invaluable skill for any musician but can be daunting for beginners. Music is its own language and I teach it too my students as such. With small chunks and phrases, students will start to understand music notation. With enough practice, my students become confident readers and no longer need my lessons.

Music Theory

basic understanding of music theory will help students understand the music, and make creative decisions. As a composer and improviser, I find great joy in creating music and encourage my students to do the same. Music theory will be a good tool for composition, as well as a great foundation for students who wish to pursue music further. 

I am loving it! I could not ask for better teacher! I am so happy!

Ana G.

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